Vendors - Medeek Wall Plugin

Vendors and material suppliers whose products appear within the Medeek Wall Plugin. If you have any suggestions for new products or material suppliers you would like to see added to the plugin please feel free to contact us.

Connectors and Hardware

Simpson Strong-Tie
  • Anchor Bolts: SSTB16, SSTB20, SSTB24, SSTB28, SSTB34, SSTB36, SB5/8X24, SB7/8X24, SB1X30
  • Holdowns: DTT2Z, HDU2, HDU4, HDU5, HDU5, HDU8, HDU11, HDU14
  • Coupler Nuts: CNW5/8, CNW3/4, CNW7/8, CNW1
  • Strap-Tie Holdowns: LSTHD8, STHD10, STHD14, LSTHD8RJ, STHD10RJ, STHD14RJ
  • Strap Ties: MSTC28, MSTC40, MSTC52, MSTC66, MSTC78
  • Steel Strong-Wall®: SSW24X8, SSW24X9, SSW24X10, SSW24X11, SSW24X12
  • Wood Strong-Wall®: WSW24X8, WSW24X9, WSW24X10, WSW24X11, WSW24X12
  • Hangers: HUCQ410, HUCQ412, HUCQ610, HUCQ612, LUS24, LUS26, LUS28, LUS210, LUC26Z, HU412, HU612, HUA21PC55, HUA21HDG55
  • Column Caps: CCQ44, CCQ46, CCQ64, CCQ66, CCQ88, ECCQ44, ECCQ46, ECCQ64, ECCQ66, ECCQ88
  • Specialized Column Caps: CCOQ4, CCOQ6, ECCOQ4, ECCOQ6, CCTQ666, ECCLLQ666, ECCLRQ666, CCCQ6666
  • Beam Seats: GLB5B
  • Beam-to-Column Ties: APL4

  • Pre-Fab Shearwall Panels: Hardy Frame® HFX Panels (HFX24X8, HFX24X9, HFX24X10, HFX24X11, HFX24X12)

Engineered Wood Products

Huber Engineered Woods
  • Wall Sheathing: ZIP System (7/16, 1/2, 5/8)

  • Gypsum Wall Sheathing: DensGlass® (7/16)

Siding Materials

James Hardie
  • Lap Siding: Hardie Plank® Select Cedarmill (Heathered Moss, Countrylane Red, Khaki Brown, Boothbay Blue, Night Gray, Sandstone Beige)

  • House Wrap: Tyvek® HomeWrap®

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