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Welcome to the documentation for the Medeek Truss extension. Medeek Truss is a SketchUp Extension that provides a simple interface for creating accurate 3D truss and roof geometry within SketchUp. This extension utilizes the SketchUp Ruby API programming interface and is compatible with the latest SketchUp releases (SketchUp Make 2017 64-bit and SketchUp Pro 2018 64-bit) as well as previous versions (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).

What Can You Do with Medeek Truss

Currently, the plugin allows the creation of the following common truss types (Metric and US/Imperial):

Specialty Truss Types: Timber Trusses (metal plates with bolts): Floor Joists/Trusses: Truss Sets: Rafter Roofs (Metric and US/Imperial): Minor Roofs (Metric and US/Imperial): Engineering (US/Imperial): Trim and Extend Members: All truss types are drawn/designed utilizing industry standard practices for web location (panel lengths), web scarfs at joints and a 1/4" typical butt cut. Floor trusses are drawn using the Modified Warren configuration with one central chase, options for ribbon cuts and top or bottom bearing are also provided. Additional truss types are in the process of being added, as well additional customization and features such as raised energy heels for all truss types.

Custom layers can be enabled in the global settings which allow roof, wall and floor components to be placed on specific layers. Truss connector plates are available for select truss types and can also be enabled within the global settings.

Auto assignment of materials (colors and textures) are available as an option within the "Materials" tab of the global settings. Currently available materials are: Lumber, Pressure Treated Lumber, OSB, Plywood, LSL/PSL, and Metal Plate Connectors. Roof cladding can be specified within the global settings ("Sheathing" tab) and cladding thickness and roof material/texture can be set by the user.

The plugin allows the user to create an array of trusses by simply selecting three points which form the bounding rectangle (bldg. width x bldg. length) of the truss array. The number of trusses is automatically calculated based on the on center spacing and the building length.

Each individual member (chords, webs, sliders, wedges etc...) of the truss is modeled as a group with the entire truss forming a component having a unique name (ie. FINK_TRUSS_24_20151019123215). Arrays of trusses are created by invoking multiple instances of this truss component. This allows for modifications to all the trusses in an array by simply modifying one truss. Creating each member of the truss as a group allows modificatons or deletions to each member without affecting the rest of the truss geometry. Additionally each truss assembly (Array of Trusses) is grouped in order to facilitate future adjustments to the truss assembly as a whole.

Automatic gable end truss insertion is now available for all truss types except attic trusses. The gable end truss option is currently being added to the attic truss type and will be available in future releases. Other advanced features currently being considered for future releases are: Transistion Trusses, Hip Sets, Hip Rafters, Dormers, and Dynamic editing of Truss Components.

Advanced options allows for the creation of sheathing, rake boards, fascia, heel blocking, roof returns (hip, full), battens, counter-battens and outlookers. These options are currently available for the following truss types: Common, Attic, Monopitch, Scissor, Dualpitch, Tail Bearing, Mono Scissor, Tray, Coffer, Gambrel Attic, Symmetric Cathedral and Floor; and for the following rafter roofs: Gable, Gable with GLB, TJI with GLB, Hip, Shed and Shed with Ledger.

Advanced options also allows for the creation of gutters and downspouts for truss and rafter roofs. Specific gutter configurations can be customized within the gutter tab in the global settings. Currently four different gutters styles and two different downspout types are available in the global settings.

I-joist and solid sawn joists can be inset into the foundation with or without a ledger board and the appropriate hanger can be modeled as part of the joist component. Within the global settings I-joist manufacturer's logos can be enabled or disabled for ease of identification.

With the Medeek Truss Plugin, you can accurately depict typical roof trusses, floor trusses, rafters, and floor joists within SketchUp and better validate your architectural models.


The Truss Plugin is integrated with the Medeek Truss Designer and can provide engineering data (loads, internal forces, reactions and deflections) for specific common truss types (ie. King Post, Queen Post, Fink, Howe and Double Fink). The plugin is also recently integrated with the Medeek Beam Calculator and can automatically load the design parameters from SketchUp in order to check bending, shear, bearing and deflection for typical North American glulam beam sizes. Engineering for other truss types as well as rafters, joists and sheathing is in the process of being added and will become available in future releases. For additional engineering tools and site criteria maps please visit our Resources page.


This document is intended for architects, engineers, designers and homeowners who are using SketchUp as their primary 3D design tool. It provides an introduction to using the plugin and reference material on the available parameters/options for its use.

License and Limits of Use

The Medeek Truss Plugin is a proprietary softare developed for use with the SketchUp 3D modeling program. There are currently no limits to its use for both personal and commercial applications.

Design Parameters - Truss Geometry

The following items are typical design parameters than can be modified by the user to define the truss geometry during the truss creation process:

Additional parameters and options are available for specific truss types (ie. attic, scissor, floor), rafters and floor joist products.

Download Trial

The trial version of the plugin has all the features of the full plugin however the span of the truss/rafter/joist is limited to a specific range of values. The trial version is also time limited to a thirty day period from the date of installation. Once the trial period has expired you will no longer be able to create new roof and floor assemblies however you can edit any existing assemblies and their features.

Unlicensed or trial copies of the plugin also have strategically placed ads within many of the HTML user menus. The full version of the plugin removes all ads. If you are a material supplier or vendor interested in advertising within the plugin please contact us at, the plugin currently uses Google AdSense for all ad placement.

Please download the trial plugin at the following link (plugin serial number is "TRIAL"):


The full version is an unrestricted, permanent license for both commercial and personal use. Installation on up to (3) separate machines per licensed copy is allowed.

Free upgrades to the latest version of the plugin can be downloaded at any time, within two years of the purchase date, by logging into the Account Manager. Once the initial two year license period has expired the license can be renewed for ($20.00) on a yearly basis.

Please note, an active license is not required to continue to use the plugin. The plugin will continue to function even if the license expires. The only reason to renew your license is to gain access to recent upgrades to the plugin and also enable unlimited phone and email support.

Please do not redistribute unlicensed copies of the plugin. Download of the plugin is available immediately after purchase.

Purchase the full plugin ($85.00) at the following link:

Please login to the Account Manager to download the most up-to-date version of the plugin.

For professors, teachers and students requesting a fully licensed copy of the plugin for educational use, please send your request via email to


The recent versions of SketchUp allow you to install zipped Ruby files or extensions (.rbz) directly within SketchUp.

To install the Medeek Truss Plugin (.rbz file format) within SketchUp 2016 or earlier:

  1. Login into your computer as an admin before installing any Ruby scripts. This will make the installation go more smoothly and ensure that files get installed in the proper places.
  2. Within SketchUp select Window > Preferences (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp > Preferences (Mac OS X). The Preferences dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click on Extensions. The Extensions panel is displayed.
  4. Click on the Install Extension button. The Open dialog box is displayed.
  5. Locate the Ruby zip file to install (.rbz).
  6. Click on the Open button. SketchUp will install the extension and display a security prompt.
  7. The plugin will display a prompt for your plugin serial number (default value is "TRIAL") if this is a new installation.
  8. The Medeek Truss Plugin will now appear in the list of available extensions.

To install the Medeek Truss Plugin (.rbz file format) within SketchUp 2017:

  1. Login into your computer as an admin before installing any Ruby scripts. This will make the installation go more smoothly and ensure that files get installed in the proper places.
  2. Within SketchUp select Window > Extension Manager (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp > Extension Manager (Mac OS X). The Extension Manager dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click on the Install Extension button. The Open dialog box is displayed.
  4. Locate the Ruby zip file to install (.rbz).
  5. Click on the Open button. SketchUp will install the extension and display a security prompt.
  6. The plugin will display a prompt for your plugin serial number (default value is "TRIAL") if this is a new installation.
  7. The Medeek Truss Plugin will now appear in the list of available extensions.


If you are a registered user you can obtain the latest version of the plugin, at no additional charge, by logging in to the Account Manager. Click on the plugin icon and then on your order number, if your order was placed within the last year then you will see a download button which will allow you to obtain the latest version. If a year has expired since you purchased a license then a upgrade button will appear which will allow you to renew your license at a reduced rate for another year.

Once you have downloaded the new release, completely uninstall the existing plugin prior to installing the latest release. Failure to completely remove the existing plugin may cause some files to revert to the older version and limit the functionality of the plugin.

The current Medeek Truss Plugin menu has seven icons or sub-menus:

The available items are the following:

  1. Draw Roof Truss:
  2. Draw Floor Truss:
  3. Draw Truss Set:
  4. Draw Roof Rafters:
  5. Draw Minor Roof:
  6. Engineering Calculations:
  7. Change Global Settings:
Note, some menus show additional items that are either under construction or planned for future releases.

The Medeek Tools Plugin is included within the truss plugin and has a menu with six icons or functions:

The available items are the following:
  1. Trim (group and component) [trim with one face]
  2. Extend (group and component) [extend with one face]
  3. Trim 2 (group and component) [trim with two faces]
  4. Trim 3 (group and component) [trim with three faces]
  5. Miter Cut (group and component)
  6. Split (group and component) [split via one face or three points]

Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials are currently available on YouTube:

  1. Tutorial 1: Common Trusses (26:37 min.)
  2. Tutorial 2: Valley Truss Sets (7:56 min.)
  3. Tutorial 3: Hip Rafter Roofs (12:45 min.)
  4. Engineering: Truss Designer and Beam Calculator (30:30 min.)
  5. Tutorial 5: Hip Truss Sets (24:32 min.)
  6. Tutorial 6: Timber Trusses (14:50 min.)
  7. Tutorial 7: Edit Function - Truss Assembly (10:26 min.)
  8. Tutorial 8: Trim Function - Medeek Tools (8:30 min.)
  9. Tutorial 9: Trim 2 Function - Medeek Tools (7:29 min.)
  10. Tutorial 10: Extend Function - Medeek Tools (6:44 min.)
  11. Tutorial 11: Trim 3 Function - Medeek Tools (8:40 min.)
  12. Tutorial 12: Miter Cut Function - Medeek Tools (8:47 min.)
  13. Tutorial 13: Split Function - Medeek Tools (6:33 min.)
Sample SketchUp models related to these tutorials files can be downloaded here.


View the Medeek Truss Plugin Manual for detailed information on the plugin and its usage. Note, that the manual is still a work in progress and does not provide complete coverage of the plugins full capabilities.

Please contact support directly at:

Language support is planned (partially available) for the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified). Translation of the user inteface is currently under development.


The current version of the Medeek Truss Plugin is 2.2.8b - revision date: 01.18.2019.

View the Medeek Truss Plugin Changlog for more information on updates to this plugin.

The plugin will automatically check for an updated version once a month. The frequency of the "check for updates" can be set in the global settings or disabled entirely.

For a more in depth look at the development of the plugin and related discussions please visit the Medeek Forum.

Download previous versions of the plugin here.

WARNING: The Medeek Truss Plugin is currently under development. The user may encounter unintended behavior due to the addition of new features on a daily basis. Always backup your data to separate file names to provide redundancy in case of file corruption or other data loss scenarios.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Medeek Truss Plugin please call us at 1-425-652-4188.

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